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Recent 5th Grade News


By Glen Davis 08/16/2017, 9:30am EDT

Coach Q will be responsible for fitness for the entire Georgia Kings organization

Kwami Shorter, better known as “Q The Trainer” (a.k.a. Q) has been named Director of Fitness for Georgia Kings Basketball.  In his new position, Coach Q will be responsible for working with all players in the Georgia Kings program to prepare them physically for the high demands of AAU/YBOA basketball.   Coach Q will coordinate closely with Glen Davis, President, General Manager, Tim Williams, Director of Team Operations and Trey Stevenson, Director of Player Skills Development to develop individual fitness programs, fitness camps and clinics to suit the needs of our players.

Coach Q is originally from Greensboro, GA where he attended high school and was a standout athlete in basketball, football and track.  Q received a four-year college basketball scholarship at Carver Bible College and excelled during his time there.  While still in college, he played two summers for a semi-pro developmental traveling team from Europe.  Q graduated from Carver Bible College with a B. A. degree in Biblical Counseling Studies in 2007.

Coach Q has been employed full-time for the past six years with Just Fitness 4U where he is currently Lead Fitness Trainer, Coach and Motivator.  He has also worked as a Personal Trainer at LA Fitness and Bally’s Total Fitness where he is a two-time winner of the “Trainer of the Year” Award.  

In addition to his full-time job at Just Fitness 4U, in 2010 Q began competing as an “all-natural” professional bodybuilder with the National Gym Association (NGA) and several other all-natural pro federations.  Q turned pro in 2013 and to date he has participated in 14 competitions (including 5 professional shows).  He is extremely proud of his overall record including six (6) 1st place finishes, three (3) 2nd place finishes, three (3) 3rd place finishes and two (2) 4th place—all Top 4 finishes.

Coach Q loves basketball!  His favorite basketball player of all time is Kobe Bryant (with Michael Jordan being a close second).  His favorite bodybuilder is Dexter Jackson.  And his favorite basketball team is the San Antonio Spurs!!!  Coach Q is extremely excited to join the Georgia Kings Basketball Program as Director of Fitness and is looking forward to using his knowledge of the game and his experience in fitness as a way to motivate players and give back to the community.


By Glen Davis 02/24/2017, 8:15pm EST

His passion, experience and commitment to the kids will equal success

Dwayne Moore has joined Georgia Kings Basketball as Head Coach for the 10th grade team.  “Coming off a very successful season with East Marietta Basketball, it was an easy transition for me to move on to AAU”, Coach Moore said.  “I enjoy coaching and have a strong passion for the game.  It gives me an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with the kids.  I am stern and not only do I believe in teaching kids to be smart on and off the court, I also strive to teach them life lessons that they can take with them into the real world when they graduate”.

Coach Moore is a self-described “gym rat”.  He began playing basketball as a small kid and played all through middle school and high school.  In high school, he won two state championships.  He went on to play college basketball but after suffering a knee injury, he began coaching.  He now has eight (8) years experience coaching basketball—six (6) years at the high school varsity level and two (2) years at the collegiate level.

“I am extremely excited about this new opportunity to work with the Georgia Kings and see players grow and continue to develop” said Coach Moore.   “I am ready to compete and make this new venture a success”.


By Glen Davis 01/19/2017, 7:30am EST

John has a deep passion to develop kids to be all that they can be!

Georgia Kings Basketball is pleased to announce that John Carey has been named Head Coach for the 2017 4th Grade team.  John grew up playing three (3) sports and has raised four (4) basketball players.  He has coached 10+ seasons of youth basketball and is imminently qualified to take on this new role.  When asked about his decision to make this commitment, John stated "I really enjoy helping the younger players prepare themselves to be the best basketball players they can be through positive reinforcement and fundamentals."

John has named Rob Levin to be his Assistant Coach for the 4th Grade.  In a statement regarding the new team Glen Davis, President, General Manager for Georgia Kings Basketball said "We are extremely fortunate to have John and Rob join our coaching staff as they bring years of coaching experience that will benefit the younger players and will help continue to build the Georgia Kings program."